How Our Program Works

Bruce Mugerian Show Promotions offers you a NO RISK Consignment Sports Memorabilia Program. Because of our pricing (see Pricing and Quality), BMSP is able to offer you sports memorabilia far below market value. This allows you to profitably add 10% - 15% to the BMSP consigned price as a opening/minimum bid. Meaning, even if an item sells at the minimum bid, your organization stills makes a profit. For example, if you consign a BMSP item for $85, minimum bid $100, and it sells for the minimum your profit is $15. If the item sells for $300 your profit is $215, it's as simple as that. All money over the BMSP consigned cost is yours. In the rare case that an item doesn't sell you simply return it. You are only purchasing product from BMSP if it sells at your event.

It is a WIN, WIN situation for your organization!


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